Uzbekistan: much to be surprised!

Traveling to Uzbekistan is always a lot of amazing discoveries, a lot of wonderful emotions, some enchantment from getting into the East fairy tale and of course, viewing an endless number of attractions of this land. The changing diversity of landscapes - from the mountains to the scorching desert, the bizarre combination of ancient monuments and modern infrastructure - all this guarantees every traveler the unrivaled pleasure of traveling around Uzbekistan. But if you have already traveled to Uzbekistan, then, of course, first of all you will have a question, what else to see and what to meet, so that the trip is the most successful!

Samarkand monuments

There are several reasons below why you should visit Uzbekistan

The first reason is the generosity of the soul. One of the important reasons to visit Uzbekistan is its people. Hospitality and generosity of the soul from time immemorial remain the visiting card, the main distinctive feature of the nation.

The longer you travel around the country, the more pleasant your communication with the locals will be. Guests are always welcome. And do not be surprised if even a stranger invites you to a generous dastarkhan (setout) and offers a cup of tea.

Three pearls of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara - the second reason to see Uzbekistan.

The mixture of different cultures, religions, races and peoples in the capital needs to be looked for. No matter how many days you spend in Tashkent, each time you will discover some new aspects of its life.

Majestic Uzbekistan

If you still want to relax from the hustle of the metropolis, then turn your eyes to Samarkand. It is the second largest city in the country, which at one time was elected the capital of its empire, by the great Tamerlane. Here is a real paradise for history lovers who will appreciate the ancient streets, majestic mosques and exotic markets.

You should go to the blessed Bukhara - the cradle of many talented people. Today it is known for certain that Bukhara was inhabited BC. Different conquerors fought for this "Successful locality", and this is how the word Buxoro is translated from the Sogdian language. No wonder, because the city took a very successful position of the Bukhara oasis.

A visit to the Uzbek Switzerland is the third reason.

On the Sanzar River, south-west of Tashkent and 90 km. to the north-east of Samarkand, is an amazing region, a real oasis - the city of Djizak.

Djizak is called the "Uzbek Switzerland". There is a great recreation area "Zaamin" and a unique reserve, created in 1926.

Great Samarkand

Nature is beautiful in this area. Sprawling trees, perennial high junipers fascinate with their beauty. Many trees grow here for hundreds of years. There are also rare relict junipers.

Ski resorts and medical tourism is an important reason to visit Uzbekistan.

Mountainous regions of the republic, in particular, Chimgan and Beldersay, at different times of the year, allow to engage in skiing, hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. However, routes to these places have different categories of difficulty.

If the weather permits, you can ride in the mountains of Uzbekistan until the end of March. Professional ski instructors with many years of experience work on the ski runs.

At the moment, Uzbekistan has three mastered ski resorts: Beldersay, Chimgan, Yangiabad.

In Uzbekistan, international standards for diagnosis and treatment for each of the diseases have also been developed and implemented. The high level of training of doctors and services with the introduction of centuries-old traditions of Oriental medicine and, of course, prices that are lower than in other countries with a similar level of development, can make Uzbekistan attractive for medical tourists.

The exotic nature of Uzbekistan with its vast deserts, massive mountain ranges, countless rivers, lakes, reservoirs, reserves attract tourists from every corner of the globe.

During your trip across the country you will have the opportunity to visit national reserves such as Zaamin Reserve, Zarafshan Reserve, Jeyran Ecocentre and other ecologically clean zones.

One of the main reasons for staying in Uzbekistan is visiting the divine lake.

Aydarkul is one of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan - the turquoise sea in the boundless Kyzyl Kum sands. The lake is in almost uninhabited terrain, the neighborhood is inhabited by only 345 families.


Of course, the most exciting adventure on the Aydarkul is fishing. And it is here that hundreds of tourists from all over the country come here.

In addition to rest on clean beaches with delightfully soft sand, you can spend your leisure time interestingly and informatively. A trip on the two-humped giant camel on the outskirts of the camp promises many adventures. A visit to the gallery of ancient rock carvings in the gorge Sarmysh, also will not leave anyone indifferent.

For many countries there is a visa-free regime for a period of 30 days. Such countries as Israel, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Japan are included to the list. Thus, the Uzbekistan tour from Malaysia will become even more attractive and accessible.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the maximum concentration of Central Asian exotics for a minimum of money can be obtained in Uzbekistan.