Story about that how I coax professor to write my assignment for me

We all have some ups and downs in college especially with the intensity of the studies and the amount of homework. I was in no position to complain, just trying to manage my leisure time and some fun with friends with the constant stream of deadlines, papers due, and other small and big tasks. At some point, I came to the realization that even though I do not spend too much time hanging out, my schedule is overwhelmed with classes and practical assignments of the various kind. While some of them were an easy target for me and my Googling skills, others required a more thorough approach and careful research. So when I ask myself "Who can write my assignment for me?” the answer came naturally and was quite unexpected.

My teacher is the person who can do exactly that. And while it might sound a bit weird or even shady, it was a perfect solution for me. It didn't mean that the teacher would just do everything instead of me, but rather would agree to help in ways that were very useful. The subject in question was Chemistry, and I had no clue how to write about the problem, moreover, I did not know how to solve it. So, after deciding to turn for help to my professor, I had several choices.

  • I could talk to him personally after classes and describe my struggles with the topic and ask for some more help. Manageable option, but risky and a bit scary, honestly speaking.
  • I could write him an email with a call for help. This variant is very tempting due to the absence of the real-time confrontation and possible further questions.
  • I could ask a friend who was on good terms with him to put a word for me. It was my least favorable option.
  • After a short period of time when your idea is a little cold, look at your work through the eyes of an outsider. Draw conclusions, but do not overdo it.

After some consideration, I had opted for a second decision and chose to write to him. During this process, I made a little questionnaire among my classmates, and it as it turned out they also had a lot of struggles with this assignment, specifically with the language and style they should go for while describing such scientific processes. I carefully composed a letter with the results of my survey, stating that the lack of this particular knowledge could be affecting student's grades and competencies for years. My offer was to sit down with the teacher, so he would help me with the proper techniques for writing and explain some specifics, and I would make a video about this skills and sent it to fellow students in need. Long story short – professor had agreed!